Series: Luke
Sermon Title: Life’s Most Important Questions
Passage:  Luke 9:7-9, 18-20 NIV

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Series: Luke
Sermon Title: Life’s Most Important Questions
Passage:  Luke 9:7-9, 18-20 NIV

  1. Life’s Most Pressing Question 
  2. Life’s Most Practical Question 
  3. Life’s Most Perplexing Question
  4. Life’s Most Personal Question



  1. A.W. Tozer says, “What comes to mind when we think about God is the most important thing about us. “  Do you think this is true? Why or why not?
  2. When Jesus asks His disciples who they say He is, is this a fair question for us to answer from time to time?
  3. Jesus asks many questions in his ministry, why do you think this question demands an answer?
  4. Based on our response to Jesus questions, how should our faith response to life’s situations and problems be different?
  5. Jesus quickly transitions from the general question of “Who do people say I am?” to the personal question of “But who do you say I am?” Why do you think Jesus used this approach? Should worldly thoughts and opinions affect and possibly inform our personal beliefs?
  6. Peter is the one who speaks up when Jesus asks them who they say He is, yet denies Him later 3x as if Jesus’ question never happened. Is there an area of your life (think habits, for example) that you effectively deny His lordship after proclaiming it in worship?
  7. How does your answer to this question affect how you live your life?
  8. How does the answer to the question of Jesus’ identity affect every area of our lives?
  9. If your answer to Jesus’ question is the same as Peter’s, In what ways might Jesus be calling you to reorder your priorities, decisions or values?
  10. Read Matthew 16:13-15 NLT ,  John 7:12-13, John 10:18-21 Many people of different faiths and beliefs say that they believe in Jesus. Why are there so many opinions about who Jesus is/was?
  11. Why is it important to understand Jesus as He is described in the Bible?
  12. Jesus perfectly fulfills the roles of prophet, priest and king.  Which of these three roles do you find it easiest to connect with? How does fully viewing him in all three roles change the way you live?







Pete Scazzero provides these five reasons sabbath is key to our leading and living

  • Sabbath is something God did, and being made in His image, we are created to do it.
  • The practice of sabbath helps us embrace our humanity, vulnerability, limits, and finiteness.
  • Sabbath reminds us that Gods world is good; offering us a preview of the world to come.
  • Sabbath offers us a lived experience of God’s Grace and Love in the gospel.
  • It breaks our addiction to doing, making, producing, and accomplishing.



This weeks sermon addresses the quintessential question. This is a question that every person at some point in their life will wrestle with. Many do all they can to avoid the question because it demands an answer. I encourage you to wrestle deeply with it. 

A flippant wrestling with this question leads to a lifestyle lived out of compramise and inconsistency. For far too long, people today acknowledge a need for jesus but refuse to truly align their core beliefs with their answer and when challenge, struggle or conflict arrives it derails their life and leads to a “Peter denial” moment in their life. 

Jesus shares in the gospels that our lives as a follower will reveal his love, and reflect his light in the world. Our goal as disciples is to daily apply the answer to this question to every situation and area of our lives so to accurately portray His Love for and to the world. This is the epitome of Galatians 2:20


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