Men’s & Women’s Ministry

At LifeChurch, we deeply value the unique perspectives and experiences that men and women bring to our community. To support the diverse spiritual journeys of our congregation, we’ve established dedicated Men’s and Women’s Ministries, offering a range of activities and opportunities for growth throughout the week.



Our ministry meets twice a week – Tuesdays at 6 PM for middle school students and Wednesdays at 6 PM for high school students. Each time our students gather, we aim to create an intentional atmosphere of fun, fellowship, and faith-building activities.

From engaging games that engage the mind and strengthen the bonds of friendship to worship sessions that encourage spiritual reflection and growth, our program is comprehensive. We believe in the importance of balancing light-hearted activities with opportunities to delve deeper into Christian faith and teachings.


At the heart of our ministry is a commitment to providing relevant and engaging teaching. We aim to address topics and questions that our students are facing in their daily lives, helping them navigate their unique challenges with wisdom derived from Christian principles.


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