At LifeChurch, we believe in nurturing faith from the earliest age. The LCKids ministry is designed to provide our youngest members with a safe, clean, and engaging environment where they can learn about God’s love.

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Ages 0-71 months



We have carefully created age-specific rooms to ensure every child feels comfortable, cared for, and can grow in faith at their own pace. Each room, with its unique name inspired by nature, caters to the development needs of children within specific age brackets.

Tadpoles (0-11 months)
Our nurturing environment for newborns and infants, where our focus is on providing loving care and comfort to our youngest ones, all while they begin their first experiences of the church community.
Frogs (12-17 months)
As your child grows, our Frogs room offers engaging, age-appropriate activities that introduce the concepts of God’s love in a simple, playful manner.
Honeybees (18-23 months)
Our Honeybees room encourages exploration and interaction, with activities designed to foster social skills, curiosity, and an early love for God and His creation.
BearCubs (24-35 months)
In this crucial stage of growth, our BearCubs room offers activities that stimulate learning while reinforcing foundational biblical truths about God’s love and care.
Hummingbirds (36-45 months)
Here, we provide more structured lessons and activities to help our Hummingbirds understand God’s love, as they grow more curious and start to engage more with the world around them.
Big Horns (46-54 months)
As children become more independent, our Big Horns room encourages their curiosity about God’s world, with an emphasis on storytelling, creative activities, and early Biblical teachings.
Stars (55-71 months)
For our oldest LCKids members, the Stars room focuses on more structured lessons and activities, designed to deepen their understanding of God’s love, the life of Jesus, and foundational Christian teachings.


Our dedicated and passionate volunteers lead each room, bringing energy, warmth, and a profound love for children. Each room is equipped with age-appropriate toys, activities, and materials to create an inviting atmosphere conducive to learning and spiritual growth. We strive to provide the best experience for your children, allowing you to focus on your worship experience knowing your children are in safe, caring hands.

We welcome you and your child to the LCKids ministry and look forward to being a part of your family’s faith journey.

Clare Pretlove

Executive Pastor of Family Ministries

Lauren Meyer

Elementary Ministries Director

Kristie Sump

Preschool Ministries Director

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