May 5th

This month preschoolers are learning that I can hear from God, pray to God, talk to others about God and live for God. This week they see this when they learn about King Josiah. King Josiah’s people found scrolls that had God’s word, and he used them to hear from God and lead his people. 

Lead Their Growth: When you go into your child’s room, pretend you can’t see them and say: “Good morning! [Child’s name]? Where are you, [child’s name]? (Listen as you slowly walk to them.) I hear you (giggling, talking). There you are! I could hear you. (Cuddle your child.) Do you know who else we can hear from? We can hear from God when we read His words in the Bible.”



May W1: Jesus teaches us how to pray! 

Bible Story: Matthew 6 (The Lord’s Prayer) 

Main Point: Jesus teaches us how to pray!  

Monthly Verse: “But God has surely listened. He has heard my prayer. Give praise to God. He has accepted my prayer. He has not held back his love from me.” —Psalm 66:19–20 

Lead the Growth: Ask, “What did Jesus teach us about prayer?” If your child attended Sunday services, use their dry erase Lord’s Prayer Activity Sheet and guide them through the prayer activity prompts.


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