January 28th

This month preschoolers are learning that Jesus teaches me important things. This week they see this when they learn about a prodigal son who returns home to a loving and forgiving father. Jesus teaches us that God loves us no matter what!

Lead Their Growth: As you help your child bathe, say, “I love you when you’re silly. I love you when you’re sleepy. I love you when you get mad. I love you when you… (continue naming all the times you love your child). I love you no matter what! Jesus teaches us that God loves you no matter what too!”



Jan W4: Jesus teaches us how to live! 

Bible Story: Matthew 6- Jesus teaches His followers to trust Him to provide for their needs. They are not to worry, but instead, put God’s kingdom first and do what He asks.

Main Point: Jesus teaches us how to live! 

Monthly Verse: ​​Blessed are those whose hearts are pure. They will see God. —Matthew 5:8 (NIrV)

Lead their growth: Ask, “What does Jesus teach us about living in God’s kingdom?” Remind your kids that when we put God’s kingdom first we do not have to worry because we can trust that God is in charge and making things right. You can share some worries as a family and then pray together.


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