April 7th

This month preschoolers are learning that I can do what Jesus says. This week they see this when they learn about how Jesus tells us to not hide our light under a bowl, but to let our light shine for all to see so that people everywhere can learn about Jesus.

Lead Their Growth: While on the go, look for the brightest light you can find. Talk about what makes that light shine so bright. Then, talk about how doing what Jesus says is what makes our light shine bright!



April W1: The Holy Spirit helps us believe!

Bible Story: John 20 (Jesus appears to his disciples and Thomas needs help to believe Jesus is risen.) 

Main Point: The Holy Spirit helps us believe! 

Monthly Verse: “He saved us by washing away our sins. We were born again. The Holy Spirit gave us new life.” —Titus 3:5b 

Lead their Growth: Ask, “What do you want the Holy Spirit to help you believe about God?” Acknowledge that sometimes it can be hard to believe and trust in Jesus and His ways, but we can always ask the Holy Spirit for help.


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