Series: Gospel of Luke
Sermon Title: Sower, Seed, and Soil
Passage: Luke 8:1-15 NIV

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Series: Gospel of Luke
Sermon Title: Sower, Seed, and Soil
Passage: Luke 8:1-15 NIV

  1. Embracing The Sower:  The Generous God
    Luke 8:1-3
  2. Accepting the Seed: The Word of God
    Isaiah 55:8-11
  3. Working the Soil:  The Willingness of People.
    1 Corinthians 2:9-11



  1. What does Luke 8:1-3 reveal about God’s generous heart toward people?
  2. What Does the inclusion of Mary, Joanna, and Susanna reveal to you about Kingdom generosity?
  3. What does the “Seed” represent?
  4. Where did their seed fall and what were the results for each area?
  5. Why did the sower cast seed on different types of soil?
  6. What is the significance that the seed sown never changes?
  7. Read Luke 8:5-8 what do these reveal about the condition of soil and receptivity of the seed sown?
  8. Why did Jesus say “… whoever has ears to hear, let him hear”?
  9. Why is perseverance so important for all who receive the word of God?
  10. describe your first at experience of receiving the kingdom of God?
  11. How does the Holy Spirit help me understand the secrets of the Kingdom?



  1. In what relationships am I hesitant to sow seeds of the kingdom?
  2. What is the condition of the soil of my heart today?
  3. What do you need to change in your life, to improve the receptivity and response to your role in the Kingdom of God?
  4. Do I have a primary narrative that I listen to that hinders me from hearing God?







What is the point of Journaling? Why take the time and write down our thoughts? For some, it is to process, for some to express their emotions, and for others, it can be creative through drawing pictures. At the core of Journaling is the desire to slow down alert yourself and reflect on the presence and work of God in the day, week, or month. Journaling is a tool. This tool forces us in a rapid world to focus and be present with our inner thoughts and express them in a safe way. 

Many of us live our life on autopilot running full speed from one thing to another. How do you process where God has worked and moved, or what He is doing in the moment in your life? Let’s detach from the hectic for a moment and be present with the incredible gift of God’s presence. 

This month as we begin to explore this discipline, I want to start with this scripture,  Psalm 25:1 – Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths.  Sit down with a scratch piece of paper. Read this scripture and write out your thoughts for 3-5 minutes. Express any and all thoughts that come to mind.



We all have encountered a season where we experienced the kingdom of God for the very first time. Our salvation moment. Whether as a child or an adult, we all share this same characteristic, the soil of heart was soft and could receive the seed of faith. It then began to grow. From that point forward, we have had experienced seasons of blossoming growth, and seasons of hard hearted stagnation towards the Kingdom in our life. We attach or detach to God, depending on many different factors. People in general resist closeness to Jesus out of fear they may receive the same kind of treatment Jesus did from people. However I want to remind you Jesus embodied love for people. Our concern about drawing close can be set aside. I want to share something with you, that is normal and you will be ok. 

As you move forward in your faith development, we encounter a variety of growth stages and patterns. The key is to know that God desires a loving, ongoing relationship with you. He is safe to connect to and our role is to keep our heart in a soft posture. A soft heart, helps us move from distant and superficial to enjoying a deeply close and loving relationship.  This is the essence of good soil discussed in the sermon this week. “The fear of intimacy with God, (intentional rocks and thorns in the soil of our heart) will be overcome only by our experience with him.” William Barry Seek My Face.  So this week as you wrestle with the rocks and thorns in your heart, I encourage you to take active steps to keep your heart soft and connected to the savior who loves you.

Rob Hans |  Pastor of Adult Discipleship and Connection


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