During our Uncharted adventure preschoolers are learning that we can give what we love to God because we trust Him. This week they see this when they learn about how we can prepare for Jesus. Our preschoolers will be investigating how they can be doing things to follow Jesus.

Lead Their Growth: Cuddle with your child and pray: “God, we thank you that you want us to follow you. Please show us how we can follow you with all that we do.”



Bible Story: Jesus saves us (John 19-20)
Main Point: We step out in faith because Jesus stepped up for us!
Monthly Verse: And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” – Hebrews 13:16
Key Questions: What’s your step of faith?
Family Activity: Remembrance Rocks
Supplies: Stones, paint/markers 

  1. Have every family member write their step of faith and/or something God has shown them this past month on a rock. 
  2. Place the rocks somewhere in your home to remember what God has done.


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